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Private Photo Editing For Wedding

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Improve your client experience with faster turnaround

grow your photography business without the burnout

Have more time to spend with your kids and family

Do you struggle with:

● Delivering your client galleries on time?

● Feeling burnt out by all the photo editing on your plate?

● Not being able to spend time with your family because photo editing is taking over your free time?

Building a successful photography business is hard work.

Most photographers feel overwhelmed with photo editing once their bookings start to increase because it also increases their editing workload.

Does this sound familiar? If so, there's good news...

You don't have to do all the work yourself.

I’ve been a private photo editor for wedding photographers since 2020. I want my clients to have it all—a successful photography business AND more time with their family. That's why my mission is to help photographers succeed in their business without the editing burnout.

Back in the day when film cameras were the norm, I did wedding and portrait photography. When digital cameras burst onto the scene, I jumped right in and even taught beginners how to use DSLRs for a while!

Now, as a private photo editor, I combine my love for photography with my curiosity of the digital editing aspects to support my clients. 

Meet Erika


“Outsourcing my photo editing with Erika helped me gain back more time during the day so I could spend that time with my baby boy.

Choosing to outsource my editing with Erika has been the best decision I've made for my business. Not only is she great at communicating, her turnaround time is fantastic and within 2 galleries she completely got my editing style down. I am so thankful for her. She's given me so much time back to spend with my family, which to me, is priceless.”

Ready to feel relief and freedom with your photo editing?
I can help.

You don’t have to do all the work yourself. I’m here to make photo editing the easiest thing to check off your to-do list! Here's how:

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Spend your extra time on your photography business plus more time with your family. You deserve it!

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“Outsourcing my photo editing with Erika helped me save tremendous time so I could do more shoots/weddings and spend more time being a mom to my 3 children!

Seamless workflow, Erika makes everything so easy! I have actually learned a lot about Lightroom from
her! She is professional, friendly, timely, does incredible work! Truly such a lifesaver for me this past year!”

Private photo editing made easy

Proven system to match your editing style.

How-to videos for each step of the process.

Email and video chat access to me when you need help.

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“Outsourcing my photo editing with Erika helped me achieve more time so I could be with my family and in other areas of my business more!

Her energy, the way her system is organized, and how much she's helped me get hours back into my overall life! She has this locked down. From the back end, to editing, to the system of getting and receiving photos, she figured out how to make outsourcing efficient, easy, and effortless.”

What happens if you keep getting behind on your photo editing?

A photographer once reached out to me. She told me she was either going to find a private photo editor to work with, or quit her photography business.

I’ve talked with many photographers in the same place with their photography business because of their photo editing.

Outsourcing your photo editing can give you:

  • More time with your family
  • More freedom in your business
  • More support for your business
  • More growth and success in your business
  • More of the things you love about your business
  • More joy as a confident business owner

“Outsourcing my photo editing with Erika helped me save my sanity so I could continue shooting weddings.

Erika made the whole outsourcing experience very easy with her detailed instructions and videos for every step. She is also very quick to respond to questions and her communication is great. Her turnaround time is also super speedy which is always helpful!”

Erika has been so pleasant to work with and she is committed to editing with quality and speed! Erika makes the process simple to understand and so easy to do. She's saved me so much time!

Outsourcing my photo editing with Erika helped me lighten my workload so I could spend more time doing the work that I love.


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