Erika Swafford

—private photo editor—

for wedding photographers with a timeless style
who LOVE what they do.

private Photo Editing

photographer & photography instructor turned private photo editor for wedding photographers 

I help in-demand wedding photographers essentially be in two places at once by doing the bulk of their photo editing, matching their signature style that makes their photography ∘°⟢magic ⟣°∘ so they can sprinkle their fairy dust on other parts of their business and have time for a personal life.

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Is Outsourcing to a Private Photo Editor for You?

According to PetaPixel, wedding photographers spend 55% of their time on photo editing and only 4% of their time actually photographing. That's a lot of time you could get back by hiring a private photo editor like me. 

WeddingWire shows that on average couples spend nearly half their wedding budget on photography. You're a huge part of their wedding! Get the support YOU need to provide the BEST for your couples. Hire a private photo editor, yup, like me, to help you!

Your photography style is the most important factor to 60% of couples, according to The Knot. Hiring a private photo editor who specializes in YOUR style is key to building a well-running, working relationship that provides consistent results. 

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