Erika Swafford

—private photo editor—

for Fine Art wedding photographers
with a timeless style

PRIVATE Photo Editing

photographer & photography coach turned private photo editor for wedding photographers 

I help fine art wedding photographers outsource their photo editing, matching their signature style that makes their photography ∘°⟢magic ⟣°∘ so they can sprinkle their fairy dust on other parts of their business and have time for a personal life.

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Meet Erika

Film Emulation for Digital Wedding photographers

If you’re a digital camera photographer capturing timeless images to look like film for your couples, you know that photo editing is part of the artistic process. 

I specialize in helping wedding photographers who shoot digital to emulate film by learning your unique editing style so that you don’t have to do all the work of editing every image yourself — a huge time-saver since editing can take over 50% of your time as a wedding photographer!

I work with digital photographers who edit more towards the natural film styles to the light and bright styles. My service focuses on matching your own unique editing style so your clients get the best of your work. 

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