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hi, i'm

Light and airy photo editor. Biz bestie. Customer Service Expert. Cat-ographer. Joyful romantic. Work-that-feels-like-play advocate.

I work with wedding photographers who desperately want to clone themselves so they can get back their “me time” while still up-leveling their business to provide luxury experiences for their brides and grooms.

I help them essentially be in two places at once by handling their photo editing, matching their signature style that makes their photography ∘°⟢magic ⟣°∘ so they can sprinkle their fairy dust on other parts of their business plus get some extra beauty sleep.

When I’m not photo editing for amazing wedding photographers, I’m getting my own “me time” by photographing my cats, driving anywhere or nowhere with my hubby and savoring a smooth yet satisfyingly crunchy mocha frappe.

Located in Cleveland, Tennessee
Serving photographers worldwide

Located in Cleveland, TN
Serving photographers in the USA

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Your style would be considered light and bright, or classic and clean, or natural and traditional.

Is this you?

You want to have more time and energy in your wedding photography business.

You are passionate about providing the BEST experience for your couples.

You've developed your own photo editing style - your signature look.

° ∘ ⟡ ∘ °

° ∘ ⟡ ∘ °

° ∘ ⟡ ∘ °

Why You'll Love Working with me

(besides my cheery personality!)

Consistent, quality edits that match your own editing style through the use of anchor images. 
(I'm your doppelgänger in Lightroom, remember.)

Step-by-step tutorials and/or videos for each part of the process.

An easy, streamlined process for sharing your photos back and forth over the internet.

A trouble-shooting ninja at your side if technology causes any problems. (That's me!)

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