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Fall in love with your business again when you outsource your photo editing.

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You have a gift and passion that drives your photography business forward. You've reached a level of success that's exciting except it's becoming too much. You can't keep up and you feel stuck. Or maybe you want to get help before your business becomes unmanageable. I got you!

I'm Erika, private photo editor for busy wedding photographers who are ready to get support.

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Helping busy wedding photographers worldwide.

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You don't have to do everything yourself—including your photo editing!
It's easier than you might think to outsource your editing.

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“Outsourcing my photo editing with Erika helped me save my sanity so I could continue shooting weddings.”


loving your business again.

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“Erika has been so pleasant to work with and she is committed to editing with quality and speed! Erika makes the process simple to understand and so easy to do. She's saved me so much time!”



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