“Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at.”

-Leo Burnett, Advertising Executive & Founder of Leo Burnett Company, Inc.

Knowing your Ideal Customers Will Improve Your Photos

Who is your ideal client or customer?

If you don’t know, you must figure this out pronto! See step 1 of this lesson.
If you do know, high five!

What does this have to do with your product or business photos?

I will counter your question with another question: How will you know how to style your product and business photos if you don’t know who wants to buy your stuff, whether it is a product or service?

Step 1 – Figuring Out Who Your Ideal Client Is

I know, this step is hard. This part of business has always been a bit of a struggle for me, too. In the past when people asked, “Who’s your ideal client?” my answer was, “Whoever will buy it!” Note: That is the WRONG answer!

There are lots of great articles about finding out whom your ideal client is. I have found that mind maps can really help with brainstorming. Here’s how it works:

  • Your main idea is in the middle circle shown in dark gray. Write “ideal client” there.
  • The purple balloons that come out from that circle will be the various types of people who currently purchase your products. Examples might be: stay-at-home moms, grandmother’s who dote on their grandchildren, or teenage girls with a high sense of fashion.
  • The pink balloons that come out of the purple balloons you can use to add preferences about each group, like quick solutions, easy-to-use, style-conscious, etc. Think of what each group wants in their world.

Got it?

Now, here’s the hard part. Of the various customers you have in your purple balloons, which one(s) are your IDEAL client? By “ideal” I mean, they are the best customer you would love to sell to or work with. They love your stuff, they are easiest to work with, they can pay your prices and you understand them the best. Circle the one(s) you think would fall into your ideal.

And now you have who your ideal clients are! Try to pick just one to work with in Step 2 for now.

Step 2 – Put Your Product or Service into Their World

Once you are familiar with who your ideal client is you can then think of ways that your product fits into their world.

See if these questions get the juices flowing:

  • How would your client use your product or service?
  • Where would your client use your product or service?
  • How does your product or service make her feel? (Example, if it is a perfume, maybe she would feel sexy or feminine.)
  • What kind of styling/decorations does your client have where she uses your product? (Example, if it is body soap, she would be in her bathroom. What does her bathroom look like?)
  • What are her aspirations and dreams?
  • What results is she looking for when she hires you or purchases a product from you?

With these answers in mind, you can now style your photos to show your ideal client that your product belongs in her world. You are just giving her what SHE wants.

For Example

Let’s pretend you create home-made perfumes. Below are examples of two different photo treatments of the same product, but for different clients.

In this one example, the photo is clean and youthful. The woman wearing this perfume wants to feel feminine, light and fun.

And in this second example, it is the same product but is aimed at a different type of woman. The woman for this perfume wants to feel bold, edgy and super sexy.

Do you see the difference here? How you photograph your product can make a huge difference on how a potential buyer is going to see it. You want your potential client to be able to look at your product photo and say, “Hey, that’s for me.”

Self-check Your Product and Business Photos

Get out your journal, hop on to your website or online shop, and answer these questions:

  • Who is your ideal client?
  • What is their life full of?
  • Where does this product fit in their life?
  • Does your product or business photo show where it fits into their world?
  • If it doesn’t, do you need to re-do this photo? And re-do it ASAP!

Attracting your ideal client will make everything else in your business so much easier – including your product and business photos! Creating photos just for them is the foundation for the business relationships you need to grow your business.

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