Photography 101 for Online Business Women

Attract your ideal clients, buyers, or collectors with your photos!

Hello!  I'm Erika Swafford.

Hello! I’m Erika.

I train women who are building online businesses to master one of the most critical parts of their business – their photos – so they can profit from their own talents. Both product-based business women and service-based business women can boost their sales by attracting their ideal clients, buyers or collectors through the photos they use. All you have in an online business are your words (text) and visuals like photos. Without being able to touch what you are selling online, the next best thing is seeing it in photos. Lots, and lots of photos. That’s why it is so important to make your photos sell for your business!

Let’s do it! Here’s how:

There are several ways to get or improve your photo-shooting skills on

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