Erika Swafford

—private photo editor—

for Fine Art wedding photographers
with a timeless style

PRIVATE Photo Editing

boutique Private Photo Editing Service
for Film Emulation

My boutique private photo editing services are for digital wedding photographers who are emulating film and who value a one-on-one relationship as part of a personalized editing process where open communication and feedback builds a solid foundation for consistent, high-quality edits.

I provide film emulation for digital images via color correction utilizing anchor images, which are pre-edited images provided by the photographer with each catalog. Anchor images are how you, as the photographer, would remain in control of the edits you receive back from my service.

This service is currently only available for wedding catalogs. It is not available for portrait sessions or other genres.

What's included in this service:
✧ Adjustments using the Development Panel in Lightroom
✧ Cropping and straightening
✧ Scheduled photo editing
✧ 3-5 business day turnaround
✧ Easy file exchange system

✧ Easy video feedback system
✧ A private photo editor with a background in photography
✧ A private photo editor who will match your brand style and aesthetic


My Services

Private Photo Editing Outsource Process

My process utilizes Smart Previews in Lightroom so we don’t have to swap huge RAW files back and forth. Smart Previews are smaller files that are easy to share. (It’s okay if you don’t know about Smart Previews—I provide detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to use them.)

Anchor images are pre-edited images provided by the photographer with each catalog and are a VERY important part of the process. Anchor images are what enable me to match your unique editing style and gives you control over the edits you want me to send back to you.

A scheduler is used for clients to schedule editing appointments with me. The turnaround time starts from the date the edit is scheduled and I’ve received the catalog via WeTransfer that includes anchor images.

Photo editing is a very subjective process which requires communication and feedback so I can align with your editing style. Providing feedback via Loom video (a completely free service) is an easy way to show me what you might want improved or changed when I edit your next catalog.

Want to talk about how my service can help you? I’d love to have a chat!

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My Process

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer film scan matching?

I don't currently offer film scan matching as part of my service. My focus is on wedding photographers who shoot all digital who emulate film. It's a different process to match to film scans that I don't currently offer.

do i have to use lightroom classic?

Yes, to work with me, we both have to use the latest version of Lightroom Classic. That is the program used to build Smart Previews so we can easily exchange files. I also need to be able to see the adjustments you've made to your anchor images so I can match your editing style which is a lot easier using Lightroom.

Do you edit portraits like families, maternity, seniors, etc.?

I focus solely on weddings. I don't currently offer services for other events.


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