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Color Correction

for weddings & engagements

Color correction matching your



FOR weddings & engagementS

Basic color correction service

This service is based on two main things:

#1 - Anchor images provided by the photographer.  
These are pre-edited images in the catalogs submitted that are an example of what the photographer wants to the rest of the images to look like. 

#2 - Smart Previews built in Lightroom Classic.
These are much smaller sized files than your RAW files that are easier to transfer back and forth. Smart Previews are how you will receive the edits to your images.

Basic Color Correction includes:
* Basic Panel (white balance, tone and presence)
* Tone Curve Panel
* HSL/Color Panel
* Detail Panel
* Lens Correction Panel
* Minor cropping & straightening

Service details:
* 7-10 business day turnaround for weddings
* 3-4 day turnaround for engagements/portraits
* Scheduled photo editing
* One-year service agreement, renewable

Please contact me for current pricing and availability.

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How Color Correction that Matches Your Style Works

photographer's anchor image
(image already edited by photographer)

un-edited images

color corrected to match photographer's anchor image

Frequently Asked Questions

What are anchor images?
Anchor images are photos you, the photographer, edit to be an example of what you want the rest of the photos in that section to look like. Typically, you would provide an anchor image any time the scene changes.

How much does your photo editing service cost?
It varies depending on how many images are edited, but in very general terms, it’s around the average cost of a groom’s cake. Please contact me directly - I'd love to discuss more specific numbers!

Do I have to use Lightroom Classic?
Yes, in order for us to easily share catalogs of images, I use Smart Previews in Lightroom Classic, which you would need to be using too. It's all done over the internet, which makes everything convenient for both of us!

What are Smart Previews?
This is how Adobe explains them: "Smart Previews in Lightroom Classic allow you to edit images that are not physically connected to your computer. Smart Preview files are a lightweight, smaller, file format, based on the lossy DNG file format."

Can you do this in PhotoShop?
Nope, all the photo editing I currently provide is in Lightroom Classic. I started with PhotoShop (it's my first love) and discovered that Lightroom actually makes editing photos more convenient and faster than in PhotoShop - especially for big projects like weddings.

Do you offer culling or retouching services?
I offer spot correction & local adjustments by request as an add-on service to the Basic Color Correction.
I do not currently offer culling.

Where are you located?
I live in Cleveland, Tennessee but I serve wedding photographers worldwide.

Who is erika?

I help in-demand wedding photographers essentially be in two places at once by doing the bulk of their photo editing, matching their signature style that makes their photography ∘°⟢magic ⟣°∘ so they can sprinkle their fairy dust on other parts of their business and have time for a personal life.

I'm a bit of a nerdy romantic which is why I specialize in photo editing for wedding photographers. From The Wedding Planner to Star Wars, I'm all about the love stories. 💕 (And any kick-butt action too.)

If your photo editing style is natural, classic and clean, or light and bright, and you've honed your editing style in Lightroom, I'm the editor for you!

If your style is more dark and moody or you haven't figured out your editing style in Lightroom yet, then I'm probably not the editor you're looking for. "Here's looking at you, kid..."

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In my 15+ years in Customer Service, I've been described as “so happy and helpful” and having “a positive attitude and a get it done approach.” 

My promise is to bring this same energy and approach to my private photo editing clients as well!

Client Training Videos by Erika

I want to make it easy to work together. These are videos I created to help my clients with some of the technical aspects of working with a private photo editor and Lightroom.  Feel free to check them out!

Is Outsourcing to a Private Photo Editor for You?

According to PetaPixel, wedding photographers spend 55% of their time on photo editing and only 4% of their time actually photographing. That's a lot of time you could get back by hiring a private photo editor like me. 

WeddingWire shows that on average couples spend nearly half their wedding budget on photography. You're a huge part of their wedding! Get the support YOU need to provide the BEST for your couples. Hire a private photo editor, yup, like me, to help you!

Your photography style is the most important factor to 60% of couples, according to The Knot. Hiring a private photo editor who specializes in YOUR style is key to building a well-running, working relationship that provides consistent results.  If your style is natural, classic and clean, or light and bright, I'm your girl!

My Promise to You

#1 - To match your photo editing style and aesthetic.
#2 - To always be learning and improving my service to you.

P.S. Openings are limited!

Currently, I’m building up my private photo editing business part-time so openings are limited! I’m currently booking for the 2021 season.

Contact me to see if we'd be a good fit to work together!

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