Private photo Editing

Color correction that matches your unique editing style—no matter your style! Feel the freedom and confidence of getting your photo editing under control again. 

for wedding & portrait photographers

Ready to check photo editing off your to-do list?

You’ve already got a to-do list longer than your arm plus you’re wearing most of the hats in your photography business. Photo editing is the task taking the biggest chunk of your time that you can actually hand-off to someone you trust.

My private photo editing service is designed for wedding and portrait photographers who are currently doing ALL the photo editing themselves, have their editing style mostly down pat, and are about to or have already reached the point where something’s gotta give! Help is here, my friend!

“Outsourcing my photo editing with Erika helped me gain back more time during the day so I could spend that time with my baby boy.

Choosing to outsource my editing with Erika has been the best decision I've made for my business. Not only is she great at communicating, her turnaround time is fantastic and within 2 galleries she completely got my editing style down. I am so thankful for her. She's given me so much time back to spend with my family, which to me, is priceless.”

Photo Editing that Matches Your style

I use a proven method for beautiful galleries consistent with your unique vision.

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What You'll Get:

Color correction that that matches your unique editing style from your reference images (aka anchor images) with a focus on consistency of the overall catalog for beautiful galleries.

Editing in Lightroom Classic using Smart Previews catalogs for faster transfers and easy importing.

Use of my WeTransfer upload page to transfer catalogs back and forth. No need to pay for another file transfer service. It's free!

Access to my Client Resources Guide which includes step-by-step videos on all parts of the outsourcing process.

Notes from your photo editor (that's me!). I let you know on each catalog what to expect when you import the edited catalog. 

Video chat access to me if you ever need help with the process. We can walk through it together.

Plus, Available Upgrades



Take even more off your plate by letting me do the final culling for you!

Available in Lightroom Classic if you want some touch ups here and there in your catalog. This includes spot correction and local adjustments like masks, gradients, brush work, etc.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Schedule Your Edits

Edit Anchors

Export + Transfer


You’ll get access to my editing calendars so you can schedule your edits ahead of time.

Cull the catalog (or let me do the culling). Edit your anchor images and color label your anchors as you go.

Export as a Smart Previews catalog. Transfer it to me using my WeTransfer upload page.

3-5 business days later you’ll get your edited catalog back. Just import and read my notes.

How the Outsourcing Process Works

Let's Talk Details

editing upgrades:

✓  Color correction in Lightroom Classic
✓  Preset or profile application, if needed
✓  Standard cropping and straightening
✓  Scheduled photo editing by appointment
✓  3-5 business day turnaround for weddings
✓  2-3 business day turnaround for portraits
✓  Free file exchange system
✓  Client Resources Guide
✓  Your own client portal

+  Final culling $0.10/image viewed with 2-3 day turnaround
      Up to 3,500 images maximum

+   Advanced editing for spot correction/local adjustments ranges $0.50-$3.00/image
       Quoted on a case-by-case basis


$0.40 USD per image
$40.00 USD flat rate for less than 100 images

Erika has been so pleasant to work with and she is committed to editing with quality and speed! Erika makes the process simple to understand and so easy to do. She's saved me so much time!

Outsourcing my photo editing with Erika helped me lighten my workload so I could spend more time doing the work that I love.

More Questions?

My best answers to questions you might still have.

What editing styles can you edit?

Since my approach to photo editing is to match to your anchor images (images you've edited as a reference) that you provide throughout the catalog, I can match to whatever your style is. If it’s dark and moody, clean and natural, like film, or light and airy—I’m on board! 

Do you offer touch ups or retouching?

Spot corrections, brush work, mask adjustments and other local adjustments in Lightroom are available up on request.  I don't currently offer retouching in PhotoShop.

Which Lightroom do I need to be using?

I know how confusing this is! It’s Lightroom Classic, the one that’s the desktop version NOT the mobile version.

Also, it needs to be the most up-to-date version as well. Older versions do not play well with newer versions.

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