Erika Swafford

—private photo editor—

looking for a long-term solution

i'm here for wedding photographers

to outsourcing their photo editing.

looking to improve your client experience, shorten your turnaround time and take on more weddings without burning yourself out. Plus you’d like to spend more time with your family and to actually rest your mind, body and soul too.

Success doesn’t have to come at the cost of your health, your family or other things that are important to you. You need partnerships and systems that support you and your business.

Which is why I do what I do as a private photo editor. I believe more people, especially women, can change the world for the better when they are supported and healthy human beings.

Here’s to your health, wealth and success!

You are a wedding photographer

I match your editing style in Lightroom Classic. You get returned galleries that are color corrected and consistent. Your clients get the very best of your work without having to do all the work yourself.

I focus on editing weddings and engagement sessions so I can help more wedding photographers. It’s a part of the photography industry that is prone to burnout. This is where I feel compelled to give the most support.

Want support? Let’s work together! Contact me here and we’ll work out a time to have a video chat so I can tell you all the details about outsourcing your photo editing!

What I do

I started my business as a private photo editor in 2020. I’ve been involved in photography for most of my life and photo editing seemed like a no-brainer career path for me once I stumbled upon it. It has all the things I wanted...

My own business where I can make my own hours? Check.
Get paid to play with wedding photos all day? Check.
Help people who need support that appreciate me? Check.
See, no brainer!

I currently live in the hot and humid city of Cleveland, Tennessee with my husband, Eddie, and our two cats, Tiger and Minnie. I’m a cat person. I feel happiest with a purring cat in my lap.

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