About Erika

I’m a private photo editor and business owner. I believe in creatives achieving their dreams and that we all need help to get there. That's the secret that no one talks about in small business! Let's support each other and see how much easier it is to make that dream photography business of yours a reality. I'm here for you!


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I’ve helped photographers get back control of their photo editing and their time.

✦ Improve your client experience with faster turnaround.
✦ Book more clients to grow your photography business.
✦ Get behind the camera more and do more of what you love.
✦ Have more time to spend with your kids and family.
✦ Have more time for you—to rest, recharge, and be your best self.

As a private photo editor, my goal is to lighten your photo editing workload so you can focus on building your dream photography business. 

Late nights with your laptop, your eyes gritty and stinging from the strain, working feverishly to deliver a portrait session on-time. You have a bride who has been checking on how soon she can see her wedding photos with increasing frequency the last two weeks (probably hoping to get them sooner if she bugs you enough).

In the beginning, doing the all the photo editing for your photography business seemed manageable. Now that you’re seeing more success with more people booking you, it’s starting to dawn on you that editing is going to take over your every waking hour to the point that you won’t be able to go to your kid’s ball game, watch the latest J.Lo movie, or take a shower!

It’s the classic rock-and-a-hard-place that every business owner finds themself in once they get traction and start “makin’ the big bucks.”

The good news for photographers is that handing off your photo editing will give you literally hours of your life back and you can get out of that hard place. Yeesss!

I started photo editing my own photography around 2013 with Photoshop. Eventually I discovered Lightroom which made editing images in bulk a lot easier and faster! I started editing for photographers in 2020.

I trained and studied photo editing professionally through courses and private mentoring. I've taken The Photo Editor's Guide Course by Katie Rivera, The Consistency Course by Katelyn James, and The Photo Editor's courses by Kristen Neiditch.

I believe in continual learning and seeking out courses, mentors, and other education to stay on top of the best practices in photo editing.

Photos and photography have always been a part of my life.

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A Little About Me...

I’m a cat person with two cats. I almost always have cat hair tickling my nose and face, getting stuck in my lip gloss, or tangled in my eye lashes.

Daydream” by Lily Meola makes me cry. 

I’m an introvert with new people/situations but once I get to know you I’m more extraverted. I’m a playful person and easily amused!

I love the ‘90’s. It was a good decade for me! I was in my teens/early 20’s and I got married to my lovable hubby, Eddie, in 1999. The movies and TV shows were the best too! Star Trek, Xena, Hercules, Terminator 2, The 5th Element, The Matrix, Speed…to name some of my favs (but not even close to all of them).

I think puns and dad jokes are hilarious!