Erika Swafford

—private photo editor—

I was a hobby film photographer back when digital wasn’t a thing yet. 
My first camera was a Pentax and later on I upgraded to a Mamiya. (Loved my Mamiya!) I was also an early adopter of digital once it improved so I’ve had experience in both worlds and in multiple genres including wedding photography.

I’m formerly a coach for photographers with new DSLR cameras who wanted to learn how to use their camera on manual mode.

I started my business as a Private Photo Editor in 2020. I dreamed of working full-time in my business and in 2021 was able to make it happen! I love the photographers I work with who make my work so special.

I currently live in Cleveland, Tennessee with my husband of 20+ wonderful years and our two cats, Tiger and Minnie. I'm a cat person, a joyful romantic and on a journey to living my best life.

photographer and photography coach turned private photo editor for wedding photographers 

About Erika

This is is my cat, Tiger. 

About You

My clients are artists who use the paintbrush of beautiful light, emulating the soft, vibrant colors of film to create timeless, true-to-life imagery to capture the magical love story of their couples on their special wedding day.

My clients are dedicated to the art of film emulation, pouring their souls into learning how to photograph and edit their digital photos to look like film. Their persistence and investment in themselves shows in the quality of their work behind the camera and behind the computer.

I help my clients by learning their editing style, matching each wedding catalog to their anchor images so the entire event is cohesive with their vision and brand aesthetic. 

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