Erika Swafford

—private photo editor—

I help in-demand wedding photographers essentially be in two places at once by doing the bulk of their photo editing, matching their signature style that makes their photography ∘°⟢magic ⟣°∘ so they can sprinkle their fairy dust on other parts of their business and have time for a personal life.

I'm a bit of a nerdy romantic which is why I specialize in photo editing for wedding photographers. From The Wedding Planner to Star Wars, I'm all about the love stories. 💕 (And any kick-butt action too.)

I'm in love with romantic styles like light and airy, classic and clean, and natural editing styles. Working with photographers who photograph and edit in those styles, who are creative and fun is my dream. If that is you, I would be head-over-heals to talk about working together!

If your style is more dark and moody or you haven't figured out your editing style in Lightroom yet, then I'm probably not the editor you're looking for. "Here's looking at you, kid..."

photographer and photography instructor turned private photo editor for wedding photographers 

I’m formerly a coach for photographers with new DSLR cameras who wanted to learn how to use their camera on manual mode.

It was a way for me to share my love of the art of photography that needed a foundation in the technical aspects so that a photographer’s underlying creativity could truly shine and be expressed.

Over the past twenty-ish years, I’ve explored various photography genres including portraiture, nature and landscapes, pets, and yes, even wedding photography. I love them all for different reasons and I still take out my camera when the mood strikes me.

Private photo editing is another way for me to be a part of the art of photography. 

Working with wedding photographers who have elevated their craft is like being behind the scenes, seeing the magic happen, and appreciating the photographer's talent in a way that only another photographer can. 

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