Erika Swafford

—private photo editor—

I was a film photographer back when digital wasn’t a thing yet — I know, I’m revealing a little bit of my age with that tidbit!

My first camera was a Pentax and later on I upgraded to a Mamiya. (Loved my Mamiya!) I was also an early adopter of digital once it improved so I’ve had experience in both worlds and in multiple genres including wedding photography.

I’m formerly a coach for photographers with new DSLR cameras who wanted to learn how to use their camera on manual mode.

I currently live in Cleveland, Tennessee with my husband of 20+ wonderful years and our two cats, Tiger and Minnie. I'm a cat person, a joyful romantic and on a journey to living my best life.

photographer and photography coach turned private photo editor for wedding photographers 

About Erika

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This is is my cat, Tiger. 


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