Quote Junkies: A Must-have Photo Collection

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For all you kick-butt, get-things-done ladies out there, I know you are also a quote junkie just like me.  You are magnetized to quotes you see in your social media feeds and share the really goods ones with your friends and followers.  (‘Cuz they need to hear it, too!)  You have quotes taped to your computer monitor at work and even in various places around your house.

Why not add quotes to your phone, too?

I put together this exclusive photo quote collection just for you.  It’s four of my favorite quotes on a sunset background of intense colors. Download the photos and set them as your background on your phone.

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You are a very important person to me and I want to give you my best! When you sign up to get your photo quote collection, you’ll also join my VIP circle and be the first to hear about new photos, discounts, news and giveaways. And I’ll show you behind the scenes of my photo shoots.

Go behind the scenes with nature photographer, Erika Swafford, when you sign up at http://erikaswafford.com/signup/ plus you also get her FREE photo quote collection.  Sign up now!

Get the MUST-HAVE Photo Quote Collection - Sign up here!

5 Reasons to Sign up:

#1 – You get a say in what I offer.

I want your input on what products I’ll offer so that you’ll love what you buy from me and I’ll enjoy providing it for you. Sound like a plan?

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I will email you about new photos, new products, discounts and giveaways first! It’s only fair you get first dibbs, right?

#3 – You get my EXCLUSIVE photo quote collection.

I’m only offering this collection to my VIP’s. No one else gets access to it. I made it for you!

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Are you a behind-the-scenes, watch-the-blooper-reel kind of person? See the action behind the camera with VIP access to my photography world. Be “in-the-know” on photo projects I’m planning, see how I process my images, see how I take photos, and pair them with quotes.

#5 – Motivational and inspirational ideas.

In your quest for world domination, sometimes you need a little pep talk to keep you going. Sometimes you just need the right idea to come along and give you that boost. The emails you get from me will have a bit of both motivation and inspiration.

Get the MUST-HAVE Photo Quote Collection - Sign up here!

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