Hello, there!

Hello, I’m Erika Swafford, a nature photographer, wife, cat woman, and bookworm.

Are my roots showing?

I grew up with a family of creative people around me who exposed me to many different forms of creativity like knitting, sewing, drawing, and painting to name a few. I love to draw and paint but photography, which both my grandfather and mother were into, became my favorite for a couple reasons.

The Hard Part

First, every creative person has a vision inside their head of what they want their artwork to look like. The hard part is creating it in real life. I struggled with this a lot in my drawings and paintings. While it may look alright to someone else, more often than not, it didn’t look the way I imagined it.

When I discovered photography in high school, I found that I didn’t struggle as much with making my vision real. The camera made it so much easier and the skills came to me faster. The hard part wasn’t hard anymore – it was fun!

My Happy Place

Second, I earn my bread and butter in the high-pressure world of Customer Service. I care about the people I serve, developing relationships that help me provide better service. It’s a demanding career that comes with its share of stress.

Nature photography became my happy place. It’s the opposite of my work in Customer Service. Nature photography is a much slower pace and feels adventurous while being relaxing. There’s no pressure, only that exciting mental state where time pauses and I feel the magic that I’m usually too busy to notice.

Nature photographer Erika Swafford - visit http://erikaswafford.com/

I’ve been chasing the magic with my camera for about twenty years. When I’m not behind the camera, planning my next photo adventure or editing photos, I’m hanging out with my hubby, snuggling with our cats or reading a few books.

5 Sort of Random Things About Me

Erika Swafford with her black cat named Tiger.  Find out more about Erika at ErikaSwafford.com/about/
  1. I’m a cat person. My husband and I love and adore our two amazing cats–Tiger and Minnie. (That’s Tiger and me above.)
  2. Want to make my day? Bring me a Mocha Frappe from McDonald’s. (Not Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts! They don’t do it right.)
  3. Want to ruin my day? Tell me the frappe machine is down. Nooooooooooo!!!!
  4. I’m usually a little sleep deprived because I don’t want to stop the projects I’m working on to go to bed on time. Come to think of it, that’s probably why I crave a mocha frappe on a daily basis.
  5. I’m a Harry Potter series fan, Lara Croft fan, Amelia Peabody series fan, The Cat Who series fan, Star Wars fan, Star Trek fan, Marie Forleo fan, Trey Ratcliff fan, SARK fan, Eddie Swafford fan (that’s my husband), Jane Austen fan, David Eddings fan, Terry Pratchett fan, and a Steven Pressfield fan. (I could name more but I think this will do.)

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