Photo - Chilling Out

Photo – Hanging in There

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It is easier to hang in there when you have a “partner in crime” that you can lean on and share with. Later it will become a story you can reminisce about, share with your friends, and hopefully learn and grow from it. Plus you’ll get behind-the-camera access! would you like to share this post with your friends?

Photo – Snow Versus Clouds

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We don’t get much snow where I live in Tennessee, USA. As a kid, this was a real bummer for me. I loved playing in the snow. As an adult, there are advantages to NOT having so much snow. I don’t have shovel the driveway or wake up to no power. Still, I enjoy seeing show falling and it blanketing …

Photo – Winter Waterfall

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Sometimes life goes by so fast it all blurs. The funny thing is that when movement blurs that is when you can see patterns and details you might miss otherwise. Just take a step back and take a moment to notice how beautiful the blur is. Then you can jump back into the motion making the blur in your life. …