Nature Photos that Uplift, Encourage, Inspire & Empower

Brought to you by Planet Earth and a camera-wielding human named Erika.

Remember that one morning when you were rushing out the door to take your daughter to school and you glanced up mid-stride to your SUV but you stopped short and slowed your pace to marvel at the rainbow sherbet-colored sky?

Maybe it was for just half a second (because you really were running late) but you soaked up the feeling of magical wonder while driving and watched your little girl’s eyes light up as she giggled at the pastel clouds drifting near the horizon.

Colorful sunrise with a quote by Alfred Kreymorg - visit for more photo quotes!

I know you are the type of woman that has an eye for the beauty of the world around you and a heart for the people you love most. You never stop going from the moment your feet hit the floor in the morning until you make yourself go to bed at night. (Sleep? What’s that?)

Take a load off your feet for a few minutes and have a quick break with me. (I won’t tell anyone. Besides, it’s good for you!)

My heart’s desire and reason for for being here is to uplift, encourage, inspire, and empower women who are driven to succeed.

These women give so, so much to their families, their co-workers, their businesses and customers, and their communities. I’m here to give back to these amazing women some of the energy, beauty, and peace they spread around their world, your world, our world.

How am I doing this?

By sharing the energy, inspiration, and beauty of nature through the photos I take. There is strength, serenity, and power in the images that resonate with you. Images can perk you up, calm you down, make you smile, and take you far away in a split second. Think of them as mini-mental vacations that you can jump into anytime you look at them.

I love, love, love nature photography!

I’ve dabbled in all kinds of photography but I have the most fun with nature photography. It’s an adventure to go trekking into the woods to find the beauty hidden within. I feel a bit like Lara Croft, except with a camera instead of shot guns.

Photographer Erika Swafford checking out a waterfall with a quote by Albert Einstein.  Find out more about Erika Swafford at

And just ask my hubby, I lose all track of time when I’m wielding my camera. Two hours slip by and I’ve barely noticed while he’s been waiting for me to do my thing. (Poor guy!)

I’m not just a nature photographer.

Yes, I will be sharing my finest nature photos in various forms (digitally and physically) but I’m not just a nature photographer. As part of my quest to be uplifting, encouraging, inspiring and empowering you’ll see quotes, poems, and possibly even deep, personal thoughts about life, success, strength, happiness, and love.

Mimosa tree or silk tree flower with a quote by Audrey Hepburn.  See more photo quotes at

That is why we work so hard, right? To have a great life with love, happiness, and success? Let’s talk about it because you don’t have to do it alone. It’s more fun to do it together!

I also have a full-time career as a Customer Service Supervisor. I enjoy working with people, solving problems, and making things work out to a happy ending. I work with a great team and in the years I’ve been doing this I’ve learned how important it is to have support, people who understand what you’re going through and how hard you are working.

Cat-shaped tape dispenser and pink pen with a quote by Dolly Parton.  See more photo quotes at

Little things like pink pens and cat-shaped tape dispensers can really brighten your work space. And beautiful nature photos on the walls or on your computer screen would bolster your mental state, don’t you think?

(See what I did there? Check out my computer wallpapers here!)

I want your input on the products I will offer!

I’m just starting out this business as a nature photographer. I want your input on what products I’ll offer so that you’ll love what you buy from me and I’ll enjoy providing it for it you. Sound like a plan?

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5 Sort of Random Things About Me

Erika Swafford with her black cat named Tiger.  Find out more about Erika at
  1. I’m a cat person. My husband and I love and adore our three amazing cats–Mia, Tiger, and Minnie. (That’s Tiger and me above.)
  2. Want to make my day? Bring me a Mocha Frappe from McDonald’s. (Not Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts! They don’t do it right.)
  3. Want to ruin my day? Tell me the frappe machine is down. Nooooooooooo!!!!
  4. I’m usually a little sleep deprived because I don’t want to stop the projects I’m working on to go to bed on time. Come to think of it, that’s probably why I crave a mocha frappe on a daily basis.
  5. I’m a Harry Potter series fan, Lara Croft fan, Amelia Peabody series fan, The Cat Who series fan, Star Wars fan, Star Trek fan, Marie Forleo fan, Trey Ratcliff fan, SARK fan, Eddie Swafford fan (that’s my husband), Jane Austen fan, David Eddings fan, Terry Pratchett fan, and a Steven Pressfield fan. (I could name more but I think this will do.)

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