5 Nature Photo Projects You Can Do Without Leaving Your Yard

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Photo projects are fun ways to hone your skills and try out new tricks. Nature photo projects are easy because you don’t have to go far to find nature. In fact, you don’t even have to leave your yard. Here are five projects you could do without leaving the comforts of home.


Do you plant flowers in your yard? Photograph them! We use to have some Bleeding Hearts flowers in our yard.

You may even find some wildflowers that are sneaking into your yard. Make them feel welcome by taking their portrait.

And you could even photograph the lovely flower bouquet that your someone-special gave to you. Or buy yourself some flowers – then you can pick out which ones you’d most want to take pictures of! And they’ll add some beauty to your home, too.

Your Pets

Do you have pets? They make great subjects for photos. But be warned – they may not always cooperate with you. When my cats see me with a camera aimed at them they decide to investigate by coming toward me. “Don’t move!” means nothing to them.

The Sky

Clouds, stars or just the great blue sky can be really interesting to photograph. Clouds are constantly changing so you’ll never get the same photo twice. If a storm is coming, don’t forget your camera!

Also, you can photograph the colors of the sunrise and sunset. If you can manage to get up early enough, a sunrise is a truly magical experience when the world is still quiet. Watch the sunrise or sunset with your special someone. It’s really romantic, too!


Remember how I said that your pets may not cooperate with your photographic endeavors? Wildlife will be even less so BUT it can be worth it if you are patient and sneaky. Or if you find something that isn’t that scared of you!

Like this Praying Mantis. She was so regal and poised that I HAD to take her picture. While she was aware I was up to something – she kept following me with her eyes – she didn’t seem to mind my presence.

(Why do I think this one is a “she”? Just a hunch. And I’ve heard that female mantises eat their mates soooo…you know.)

If you have a lens that makes it so you can zoom in from far away, that will help with wildlife tremendously. If not, just practice being stealthy and start impersonating statues. Move slowly and be patient.


Trees are wonderful subjects for photography because they don’t move much. And don’t forget the leaves! They come in all shapes and colors depending on the season.

Any other ideas? I’m sure there are more. These at least will get you started. Go for it!

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